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Biota is a pioneer of genomics for industrial markets.

Biota by the Numbers

Since 2014, Biota has delivered measurable impact to the economics and GHG footprint for industrial customers. Our current metrics include:

Industrial customers
Value creation
Novel microbes
Countries of operation
Samples processed


Foundational innovations in microbiome science and measurement.


Innovations across the software stack with a novel data source.


Impacting strategic, industrial decisions while reducing GHG footprint.

We are using Biota in our subsurface characterization program"
Vicki Hollub, Occidental Petroleum CEO, D2 Energy Conference
Biota is commercializing the first truly novel data source for formation evaluation in two decades. The application portfolio is tremendous"
Dr. Vik Rao, former CTO Halliburton and Scientific Advisory Board Member
A very interesting thing mentioned here was on gene sequencing and hydraulic fracturing [Biota]. That’s amazing when you stop and think about it... how those two relate."
Paul Dabbar, United States Undersecretary of Science, CERAWeek Conference
The BiotaBank™ represents one of the most unique collections of microbial genomes for synthetic biology data mining"
Dr. Ryan Gill, Scientific Director, Novo Nordisk Foundation for Biosustainability

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