We are
The Leaders in Biosurveillance

We combine foundational innovations in microbiome science with industry leading bioinformatics and data integration to deliver actionable insights  

(Earth) Microbes

On and within the earth, microbes astonish us with their survivability in even hostile environments.

Next generation low biomass DNA sequencing and data science reveal incredible genetic diversity in these anaerobic, saline, and superheated conditions. Biota commercializes data products based on a decade of academic work from the Earth Microbiome Project and the Deep Carbon Observatory.

By applying the earth’s / environmental microbes as ubiquitous sensors, tracking devices, and data libraries, Biota improves the economics and carbon impact of industrial processes in several large markets.

Our Biosurveillance Platform Has Three(3) Major Pillars:

  • Proprietary Lab Processes
  • Industry Leading Bioinformatics
  • Data visualization, interpretation, and data management

Proprietary Lab Processes – From Sample to Sequence

To deliver actionable results at commercial scale, Biota delivers an industry-leading combination of low biomass / low signal DNA/RNA recovery and industrial scale sample throughput.

With an operating scale of 100,000 samples a year, our advanced Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) laboratory workflow consistently detects microbes down to 50 genome equivalents, enabled by automated QC checkpoints, internal controls, and synthetic DNA spike-ins.

These innovations unlock multi-year time series analytics to discover hidden, causative genomic relationships while controlling for lab processing variability and operational changes from the commercial environment.

Industry leading bioinformatics – From sequence to Data

To deliver commercial results in a timely manner, Biota delivers domain-specific and production-ready algorithms that produce reliable conclusions with an explanatory foundation based on first principles science.

Data Visualization, Interpretation, and Data Management  – From Data to Insight

  • To enhance strategic decision-making, customer results are delivered within a flexible data visualization platform that integrates multiple data streams into easy to understand, user-friendly commercial workflows.


  • Biota curates a proprietary database of 70K samples from extreme environments. This database provides a sustained advantage with continually improved accuracy of data products in a variety of industrial markets – and contains a wide breadth of novel genes.
  • Each sample’s metadata can include annotations of geological history, salinity, pH, and/or temperature to allow novel functional profiling for product development.

Foundational IP Position

  • Biota maintains exclusive use of the data science innovations and workflows in the field of controlling and monitoring industrial processes.

  • Issued and pending patents include pioneering applications of biosurveillance for hydrocarbon fluid mapping, industrial applications, carbon storage and robust techniques for quantifying low biomass samples using synthetic DNA.