Biology Data Business

Impacting Decisions in Industrial Markets

Impacting strategic, industrial decisions while reducing GHG footprint

Improve ROIC
Increase Operating Margin
Reduce Risk
Develop Products

Improve Return on Invested Capital

Customer Story: Occidental & Anadarko Petroleum
Economic Value

Improve capital efficiency of new well placement by providing new insights into the movement of subsurface fluids.

GHG Impact

Reduce land use impact and wastewater from hydraulic fracturing.

These answers could become billion-dollar opportunities for our company in the case of free cash flow" - Jose Silva, Anadarko Petroleum
Geothermal Opportunity
Economic Value

Improve capital efficiency of geothermal infrastructure by providing new measurement on subsurface water movement.

GHG Impact

Accelerate market adoption of low carbon, renewable energy resource.

Increase Operating Margin

Customer Story: $80B+ International Energy Company
Economic Value

Minimize planned platform shutdowns with a continuous, non-invasive, cost effective approach for zonal production allocation in deepwater offshore wells.

GHG Impact

Reduce fossil-fuel emissions from current offshore production logging service and while improving safety for oil spill prevention.

Biota’s DNA-based measurement is now in our standard operating procedure for new wells in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico" - Geoscientist at an International Energy Company
Mining Opportunity
Economic Value

Reduce operational costs of ore extraction using bio-based techniques for leaching and tailings.

GHG Impact

Reduced hazardous waste and fossil-fuel consumption in mining operation.

Reduce Operational and Safety Risk

Customer Story: $100B+ Industrial Company
Economic Value

Improve asset integrity and maintenance program with enhanced microbial corrosion analysis.

GHG Impact

Reduce chemical treatments and extend life of steel assets.

Water Testing Opportunity
Economic Value

Accelerate early risk detection and monitoring of pathogens, such as COVID-19, using municipal wastewater.

GHG Impact

Improve efficiency and efficacy of state and local containment methods for pathogens.

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