Biology Data Business

Novel and Actionable Data

Innovations across the software stack with a novel data source

Genesis AI™

An enterprise-grade solution with reliable data science, cloud-first data architecture, and delivered with stunning visualizations


To deliver commercial results, Biota delivers domain-specific and production ready algorithms that produce reliable conclusions with an explanatory foundation based on first principles science.

Cloud Architecture

Genesis is powered by a modern software stack with cloud-based architecture that enables interoperability with advanced data science tools, automation to manage and cleanse sample metadata, and multi-site analysis harmonized throughout an organization.

Data Visualization

To enhance strategic decision-making, customer results are delivered with a flexible data visualization platform that integrates multiple datastreams into stunning commercial workflow.

Proprietary library of environmental genomic data

Through 20+ industry partners, Biota curates a proprietary database of 55K environmental samples from extreme environments. This BiotaBank™ enables a sustained advantage with improved accuracy and precision on data products in a variety of industrial markets, and contains a breadth of novel genes. The samples can include annotations of geological history, salinity, pH, or temperature to allow novel functional profiling for product development.

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